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If you want a Halloween night of spooky entertainment, great food, and strong drink...this is the place to be!


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Posted by belladonnas_web on 2008.10.03 at 11:51
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Mortifera performs at Belly Horror!!!
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Tonight and tomorrow night!  VIP tickets are now sold out, there is some regular seating still available.  Get your tickets now!

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Thank you!!!

Posted by belladonnas_web on 2008.09.29 at 09:01
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Thanks to everyone who came out for Mortifera's Opium Dreams performance at Ascension!  What a fabulous turnout, and it was nice to see so many people dressed up in theme!  Pictures are forthcoming soon!  Special thanks to Kele-De, Neska, Liebchen and Vivian for all your help thoughout the night!

But, there's no rest for the wicked: 
Mortifera performs again this Friday and Saturday at Belly Horror!

For more information, performers and to purchase tickets go to the website:

**Get you're tickets soon, I believe Saturday is already sold out!

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This Friday!

Posted by belladonnas_web on 2008.09.22 at 10:37
Big Trouble in Little China comes to Baltimore!
What does that mean?  Guess you have to go to find out!


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Updates and Performances!

Posted by belladonnas_web on 2008.09.16 at 10:02
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Opium Dreams @ Ascension, Sep 26th:


Belly Horror Oct 3rd and 4th:

Check out our newly revamped website and MySpace (our webmistress is still working on the former...should be completely done by week's end) to see what else we've been up to and the exciting things we have lined up over the next year!

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This weekend!

Posted by belladonnas_web on 2008.02.07 at 09:08
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A few members of Mortifera will be there, and the lovely Misumeena will be performing!

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Don't forget, tomorrow night!

Posted by belladonnas_web on 2007.09.27 at 09:51


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Posted by belladonnas_web on 2007.09.18 at 11:51
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Welcome to Mortifera's community on LiveJournal! 

Mortifera is a Gothic belly dance troupe who blends the beauty of one of the world's most ancient dances with Gothic and Deathrock music, fashion, art, horror, theatrics, antics, humor and more!

Check back often for up to date information on our performances and appearences and feel free to check out our website for additional info and more information about our dancers:


Add Mortifera on MySpace: